02Feb, 2017

“How To Make Opinion Article” Training Held by Fortune PR

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Photo: Participants’ discussion led by Joyce

Whether it is in a newspaper, magazine, or online media, we often see an article that provokes us through the writer’s point of view toward a particular issue. This is called an opinion article. A good opinion article can open a reader’s eyes to a new perspective based on credible data and arguments that are written on it.

To be able to write an opinion article, a person should have a storytelling capability. The capability itself can not be separated from Public Relations practitioners, as these practitioners are storytellers. It is a part of Public Relations roles. PR practitioners need to convince the audience through many communication tools, such as a story (press release, opinion article, etc). The way we build the image, maintain the image or fix the image of a client’s brand can be done by creating a good writing.

In order to get a deeper understanding about opinion article and how to make a good one, Fortune PR held “How to Make Opinion Article” training on January, 13th 2017. This training was led by Senior Account Manager Joyce Hutapea from Budge Communications (sister company to Fortune PR).

Attended by 10 participants, the training lasted up to 2 hours. Within these effective hours, participants gained insights and knowledge about opinion article and how to write it, including how to bring up the topic of the issues, the idea, and the angle. Participants were also taught to strengthen the credibility of their article by digging reliable data and arguments.

After the training, participants who consist of Senior PR Consultants and Junior PR Consultants were asked to write their short opinion articles based on the current news. Joyce then examined it one by one and helped writers to repair their pieces. There were many questions raised by the excited participants during this afternoon session. Some jokes sometimes came up which made the session far from being so serious let alone boring.

Creating an opinion article is a great way to enrich a storyteller’s capability. Start making your own article and enhance your PR skills to the next level today!

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