14Jul, 2011

Merck Sells More Chemical Products

JMerckakarta: Pharmaceutical and chemical firm PT Merck Tbk., a subsidiary of Germany-based Merck kGaA, plans to sell more chemical product following a recent location of its warehouse, Pasar Rebo, South Jakarta to Marunda, North Jakarta.Chemical division director Sumonta Achachotipong said in a statement on Monday that in the end of this year, the company would sell around 3,000 to 4,000 new chemical items from 7,000 at present, which currently represented 600 kinds of chemicals, or 55 percent of total kinds of chemicals circulating in Indonesia

“The new warehouse (with a larger capacity). Will serve as an excellent facility for Millipore products as well as other Merck products,” she said

Currently, its Millipore division supplies various products for around 5,000 customers nationwide in a wide range of sectors, including cosmetics and food and beverage

According to the firm, its chemical division has grown by 80 percent in the last four years, with revenue increasing from Rp. 150 billion (US$ 17.55 million) in 2006 to 270 billion in 2010.

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