22May, 2013

Mobile Application Company Renkmobil Bilisim Announces Download Manager for Android in Google Play

The superior download manager application has been downloaded by more than 3 million users since first introduced

Pic_1Jakarta, 20 Mei 2013 – Mobile application creator Renkmobil Bilisim has just launched the Download Manager for Android in Google Play. Already installed by more than 3 million users, the file and video download app surpasses its predecessors’ versatilityand accelerates download speeds up to three times compared to other download managers.

Indonesian internet users love to download files from the Web. Based on data from 2012, more than 240 million files are downloaded each day. Personal computers were the most common device to download the files from the Internet, but with the increasing smartphone and mobile Internet adoption in the country, more and more people are downloading files on-the-go. Download Manager for Android makes downloading process faster and easier to manage, adding functionalities that are previously difficult to do using a mobile phone.

The download manager is very multifunctional; it serves as a browser, file manager, music player and download manager. Each of these four functions help users solve various problems given different situations.The operation of the free app is also very easy. Users only need to copy and paste the URL to the address bar for the download to begin. Regardless of the file format or size, all files can be downloaded – even those larger than 2GB. The download process can even be paused and continued as pleased. Perfect for Indonesian Android users who often face network connection problems.

Pic_2In addition to video download capability, the manager supports numerous file types, including APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, XLS and others. This free app overcomes most of the limitations of other default downloaders, such as authentication, file integrity checking, support for all file types and download life cycle management.

The app received an average user rating of 4.1 stars, and out of 10,359 surveyed, 6,486 users rated the app with 5 stars. A Samsung Galaxy S3 user commented: “Great app, downloads so fast and very smooth. Keep up the good work.”

Another 5-star rating from the user said: “This is a really fantastic app. If you want to download your videos from Facebook and other websites, this app is for you. Thank you for the great job.”

With its small footprint and versatility, Download Manager for Android from Renkmobil Bilism serves as the simplest, most practical and most ideal solution for Android lovers.

Pic_3About Renkmobil Bilisim:
Our company’s values are reliability, constant research, constant development, constant amendment, trueand close communication, loyalty, quality, and professionalism with an amateur soul. We aim to deliver innovative, user-friendly, easy, fast, secure projects and services that can create technologies and customer satisfaction by predicting the sectors needs.

Download address of Download Manager for Android in Google Play:

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