22Oct, 2013

Most Attractive Employer Brands in LinkedIn’s InDemand list

Google, Apple, and Unilever are most attractive employer brands in LinkedIn’s InDemand list

LinkedIn_LogoLinkedIn today revealed that Google is the world’s most InDemand talent brand, with Apple, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Microsoft rounding out the top five.

The InDemand Employer Rankings rank the world’s most sought-after employers, based on brand reach and engagement among prospective employees. Reach is a measure of the number of prospective employees who are familiar with a company: for example, the number of prospective candidates who viewed or connected with a company’s employees on LinkedIn. Engagement measures the number of prospective candidates who are interested in working for a company: for example, the number of prospective candidates who Daftar_10_besarresearched or followed a company. The rankings were determined by analyzing more than 25 billion member and company interactions from LinkedIn’s 240M+ members, including  in .

This year, 42% of the 2013 Most InDemand employers are located outside the U.S., compared to 32% last year. Other interesting insights included:

  • Technology and Packaged Consumer Goods companies – like Google and Unilever – dominate the top 10
  • 16 Oil & Energy companies made this year’s list, compared to 10 companies last year, and Shell entered the top 10
  • At #99, Stockholm-based Spotify is the smallest company to make this year’s list
  • Amazon broke into the top 10 thanks in part to the tripling its followers on LinkedIn over the past 12 months

With a strong talent brand able to halve a company’s cost-per-hire and reduce employee turnover by up to 28%, the value of taking steps to enhance your employer brand is obvious. Companies can determine how well they are reaching and engaging talent via LinkedIn’s Talent Brand Index — a tool that helps employers gauge how attractive they are to external candidates on LinkedIn.

For the full rankings and tips on talent brand success, check out the LinkedIn Blog post.

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