22Nov, 2012

Not Only Chat, Indonesians are also very much into Mobile Blogging

With Increasing Amount of Users and Improved Features, WeChat Gains New Grounds Faster than Expected

WeChat_KompasianaJakarta, 21 November 2012 — WeChat, a social communications services available for smartphones, has been officially released in Indonesia several weeks ago and currently rocketing in popularity. The application has gained more than 200 million registered user accounts worldwide.

Based on recent trends, while the most used feature in WeChat is chatting, but blog-like features such as ‘Moments’ is preferred when the users have picture to share with all their connections, not just those who they are chatting with. This is fueled by the habit of Indonesian internet users to share everything, from pictures of food, children, vacation photos, to self-portraits with their social media connections.

‘Moments’, dubbed the ‘timeline’ feature of WeChat, enables users to share photos, enhanced with creative photo effect filters, and other people that’s connected with the user can ‘Like’ the photo as well as add comments to it. The ease of sharing these contents with Facebook and Twitter, the two most popular social media in Indonesia right now, also encourages people to microblog, that’s easier to do when mobile.

Recently, the blog community at Kompasiana is filled with many posts about WeChat. Through that means, people easily share their experience and thoughts about using WeChat. Some of those posts even compare WeChat with other chat applications, and find many features that’s useful for communication and socializing. Convenient, because it’s capable of running in many different mobile phone platforms, and interestingly, the users are ‘blogging’ their experience about ‘microblogging’ in WeChat.

There are also some interesting cases, where people already know WeChat long before it’s officially released in Indonesia, and because they had found too many foreign people compared to Indonesian people, they became inactive for some time. But recently, some of them decided to be active again in WeChat and find out, through the Location-based Service features, such as ‘Look Around’ and ‘Shake to Find Friends’, that more and more of their actual Indonesian friends and relatives joining the growing WeChat community.

WeChat’s blogging contest are open to all Kompasiana users until November 22nd 2012. For the blogging results page and more information, head on to: http://www.kompasiana.com/wechat/


About WeChat

WeChat is a free mobile voice and text messaging application that allows the users to send free text, voice messages, emoticons, picture, video and other files. Users can also do video-chat, add new friends through its social features, utilize location-based services, and share their stories through the unique ‘Moments’ feature in the form of photos, video and URL links.WeChat application is available for iOS, Android OS, Symbian, and Windows Phone users. For more information and application download, please visit: www.wechatapp.com.

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