07Oct, 2013

New Global Cloud Marketplace Gives Partners an Opportunity to Reach Oracle Customers



News Summary

With the proliferation of cloud, mobile, and social technologies, organizations want easy access to innovative, trusted business applications. To meet this demand from customers and create new opportunities for partners, Oracle has introduced the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Featuring more than 100 business applications developed by Oracle partners, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace enables Oracle Cloud customers to easily browse, evaluate, and buy trusted business applications. Leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform Services, Oracle partners can quickly build applications, extend and integrate with Oracle SaaS applications, and publish their applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to reach Oracle customers.


News Facts

  •  Continuing its commitment to offer the industry’s broadest and most advanced cloud portfolio, Oracle introduced the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, a global marketplace where partners can publish applications and customers can browse through and discover new solutions to address their business needs. 
  • Featuring a large collection of business applications developed by Oracle partners, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace enables customers to easily find, evaluate, and buy innovative applications that extend their Oracle Cloud solutions. 
  • Currently, the range of applications available cover channel management, lead generation, data quality, reporting, productivity tools, quoting, contract management, forecasting, sales incentives, and compensation management.
  • The Oracle Cloud Marketplace helps Oracle Cloud customers find the best applications to meet their needs through an easily searchable interface. Applications are listed along with all the relevant details to help customers determine their value for their organizations, including user ratings and reviews.
  • Helping Oracle partners leverage the latest in cloud technologies to grow their businesses, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace enables partners to quickly and easily develop, integrate, publish, and monetize their applications.
  • The Oracle Cloud Marketplace brings a new cloud applications distribution channel to Oracle partners, enabling them to reach Oracle’s customer base and a larger market, grow their business, and extend their success in the cloud.
  • Leveraging the Oracle Cloud Platform Services, partners can build new types of cloud applications and accelerate application development with a functionally rich, standards-based, secure, enterprise platform.
  • Additionally, partners can leverage native integration with Oracle Cloud SaaS applications.
  • With the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Oracle Cloud customers and partners can reap the benefits of trusted applications to drive critical business units, including sales and marketing; customer service and support; finance and operations; human resources; and software development.
  • The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is the latest addition to the Oracle Cloud, the industry’s broadest enterprise-grade public cloud, including Application, Social, Platform, and Infrastructure services.

Supporting Quotes

  •  “To remain competitive in today’s highly connected business environment, organizations are increasingly adopting innovative cloud applications to support their everyday business operations. Oracle partners can leverage Oracle Cloud Platform Services to quickly build applications, extend and integrate with Oracle Cloud SaaS applications, and give our customers the best and most complete cloud experience,” said Steve Miranda, executive vice president of Applications development, Oracle. “The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is specifically designed to help organizations quickly and easily find, evaluate, and purchase the applications they need to reach their business goals. As the perfect distribution channel for cloud applications, it also creates exciting opportunities for our partners by enabling them to easily develop, integrate, publish, and monetize their innovative applications.”
  • “The Oracle Cloud Marketplace was a natural place for BigMachines to list its products and services,” said Christopher Shutts, co-founder, BigMachines. “BigMachines’s enterprise-grade quote-to-cash capabilities complement the Oracle Sales Cloud and the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud allowing us to completely cover our customers’ lead-to-cash requirements.”  
  • “ReadyTalk puts a lot of time and energy into making it easy for marketers to integrate webinar data into the Oracle Marketing Cloud so they can save time, follow-up faster, and ultimately achieve better results. We’re in a crowded and competitive space, so it’s often a challenge to get our message heard,” said Anita Wehnert Director of Strategic Partnerships, ReadyTalk. “Listing our app on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace helps us reach new prospects, differentiate our offering, and create new revenue opportunities.”
  • “The link between sales force automation and sales incentive compensation, such as Xactly Incent, is critical as it allows customers to access and analyze information that materially improves customer experiences and positively impacts sales,” said Scott Broomfield, Chief Marketing Officer, Xactly Corporation. “Xactly’s participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our reach in the Oracle community and enables Oracle customers to confidently deploy Xactly alongside the Oracle Sales Cloud. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to further extend the world wide cloud computing ecosystem.”

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