25Mar, 2015

OSRAM Celebrates International Year of Light 2015 as Proclaimed by United Nations through a Series of Colloquium in Indonesia

Photo 4-ResizedJakarta, 25 Maret 2015 – The importance of light-based technologies in life and society development to provide solutions for global challenges have been chosen as the global initiative by United Nation this year, titled International Year of Light (IYL) 2015. OSRAM, the lighting expert and one of the leading light manufacturers in the world, take this momentum of IYL 2015 initiative by exploring in its various aspects and perspectives about intelligent light with their ideas and activities.

For many years, OSRAM has commitment to raise awareness of the advancement in environmentally friendly light-based technologies for sustainable living. This vision is projected in their innovation as well as important projects across the globe, including in Indonesia.

“Indonesia is an important and strategic country for us,” said Terry O’Neal Chief Executive Officer of Luminaries and Solutions Business Unit in Asia-Pacific and Traxon Technologies, a subsidiary of OSRAM, – a global leader in solid state lighting (LED) and control systems. “As Southeast Asia’s largest economic country and 4th most populated country in the world, Indonesia presents a great chance for us to explore more possibilities for innovative solutions in in light-based technologies as well as opportunities in the market.” On this current year, OSRAM LED Lighting System, Luminaries and Solution division has grown more than 30% in Indonesia compare to last year and expect the growth to continue. Recently, this achievement and OSRAM’s vision in intelligent light for Indonesia has been shared during a series of seminar titled “Colloquium on Passion about Intelligent Light” in three cities in Indonesia; Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.

Photo 1-ResizedWith more than 100 years of experience in business as well as technology development that primarily focus in lighting products and solutions, OSRAM is taking the purpose of artificial light to another level. “Light presents future. With the current technology and scientific advancement, light is now able to directly affect life in various ways. For example, based on a study[1], biologically optimized classroom lighting is able to increase the attention and the cognitive performance of the students,” said Terry. “The one goal that we are trying to achieve, with artificial light, is to enrich the life of people.”

One of the ways for OSRAM to achieve that goal is through lighting projects across the globe. In the country, OSRAM Indonesia has done many projects with contractors and lighting designers. Two of the projects are the lighting projects for the expansion of terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA), and full lighting solutions project for The Breeze, one of the malls located in BSD City, Tangerang.

As the busiest airport in Indonesia, Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) have an increasing need for highly efficient and low maintenance lamps, to reduce the burden  of operational cost while making the world class facility more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, the airport also wanted to enhance the passenger experience by designing the perfect atmosphere for the passenger as well as the employees, one of the crucial elements in designing the atmosphere is lighting. To help SHIA reach the objective, OSRAM Indonesia supplied the airport with its lighting solutions that are able to improve the comfort level of the passenger and increase the work efficiency of the employees while at the same time improve the efficiency in energy consumption by more than 50% each month.

Moreover, in regards of the full lighting solutions project for the Breeze, the commercial complex with open space design was trying to enliven the dining experience through the premise’s ambience. One of the elements to create the favorable ambience is lighting. The mall uses OSRAM’s solutions, and with the support of lighting designer, to enhance the premise’s atmosphere and making the ambience more enjoyable for the guest to stay longer while enjoying their time with friends and family.

“What makes us different is that, we are a lighting manufacturer that solely focuses on the development of lighting products and solutions.” said Andy Soenanta, Chief Executive Officer of OSRAM Indonesia. Currently the company has 5.000 variety of lighting products and solutions, with 8.000 LED patents; a space that OSRAM has been active in for more than 40 years. Also, more than 70% of OSRAM revenue comes from energy-efficient lighting.

“This focus in lighting helps us to explore new ways on how light is able to affect human life beyond the illumination purposes,” said Andy. “For OSRAM, light is more than just a basic necessity. It has become our way to support people in their life, which in line with IYL 2015’s objectives. More importantly, it gives us the chance that we need to be able to enrich the life of people in Indonesia with our innovations.”

On a global scale, the focus on innovation has rewarded OSRAM with a new world record for the most efficient LED lamp. The record breaking LED lamp achieved efficiency level of 215 lumens per watt. It generates as much lights as today’s conventional fluorescent or LED tubes while using half of the power consumption. The technology developed by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has achieved one of the best values in the world in terms of forward voltage for blue high-current chips. This has led to an increase in efficiency of up to eight percent.  Furthermore, with OSRAM lighting products and solutions, customers have saved more than 70 million tons of CO2 in the last seven years.



OSRAM of Munich, Germany is one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. The company’s portfolio covers the entire value chain from components – including lamps, electronic control gear and opto semiconductors such as light-emitting diodes (LED) – as well as luminaries, light management systems and lighting solutions. OSRAM has more than 34,000 employees worldwide and generated revenue of almost €5.1 billion in fiscal 2014 (ended September 30). The company’s business activities have been focusing on light – and hence on quality of life – for over 100 years. The company was listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Munich on July 8, 2013. Additional information can be found at www.osram.com

[1]  http://www.osram.com/osram_com/news-and-knowledge/the-biological-effects-of-light—light-means-quality-of-life/scientific-studies-on-the-biological-effects-of-light/study-on-the-effect-of-light-on-the-performance-of-students/index.jsp

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