25Jul, 2011

Promoting Local Heritage & Culture To Improve The Nation’s Economy

TVI-ExpressJAKARTA, 21 July 2011 – Besides its diverse heritage and culture, Indonesia is also renowned for its natural scenery and panorama. These national wonders & tourist spots include TMII in Jakarta, Kuta Beach in Bali and Kelimutu Lake in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Each year, many have come to visit the beautiful spectacles to enjoy and learn more about Indonesia’s diverse heritage and cultural spots.

However, there are still many areas in Indonesia whose beauty has gone unnoticed. For example, there is the Gianyar city in Bali that has long been a mere passing point for tourists. Or Sulawesi Tengah which has plenty to offer in terms of natural scenery such as an underwater tourist spot that is on par with the more famous Bunaken. Even Jember city’s impressive “wayang kulit” is often overlooked. It is thus, such a pity, that these areas which hold so much tourism potential are like gems that are waiting to be discovered. This unfortunate situation has grabbed the attention of Travel Ventures Indonesia Express (TVI Express) – an e-commerce company that makes use of the internet to carry out their networking activities.

This effort is a manifestation of a dynamic direct-selling method that is dedicated to bring hotels and tourism offers to consumers. TVI Express also provides many unique opportunities to its members so that they can achieve success along with TVI Express.

“In the next three months, we will hold various events in different cities that have not been visited much by tourists, like Gianyar and Jember,” said Goenarni Goenawan, President Director of PT TVI Express that was established in Marhc 2010. Events that were organised by TVI Express Indonesia were always attended by more than 1000 members. It is also common to see overseas members to come and attend these events.

This can be seen from TVI Express Indonesia’s peak event that attracted more than 300 overseas members, making the total attendees to be 10,000 members. The speaker for I am TVI on 25th December 2010 was Mr Tung De Sum Waringin. Due to an overwhelming response, TVI Express had to rent 25 buses to transport attendees to the event’s venue at Bukit Sentul, Bogor. This event was hosted by renowned celebrities Sony Tulung and Don Papank, and showcased a dance entitled “Suara Mahardika” choreographed by Guruh Soekarno Putra. Other performances include a dance performance from Banda Aceh that has eventually become an inspiration for the city’s tourism promotion: Visit Banda Aceh.

Visit Banda Aceh has in fact, encouraged TVI Express members in Banda Aceh to come up with a spectacular idea of weaving and creating mats. This process will be conducted in various cities, after which it will then be combined in Banda Aceh. This is predicted to take place within the span of three months and it will eventually be showcased as a part of Visit Banda Aceh, inviting overseas guests and tourists.

Through TVI Express, Goenarni hoped that these cultural activities can eventually improve the Indonesian economy by holding the foreign exchange rate and at the same time, promoting products from Indonesia. One of the benefits of being a TVI Express member is that the accommodation (hotels) is fully paid for by TVI Express prior to their arrival to the events.

Despite facing many legal problems in the initial stage of setting up TVI Express, Goenarni never gives up and continues to persevere in order to develop and make TVI Express grow. Currently, Goenarni continues to submit business pleas to BKPM (Capital Investment Coordinating Body) in order to make TVI Express a legal MLM company in Indonesia. As of now, TVI Express Indonesia states that it has 10 billion Rupiah ready to be invested across the nation. Goenarni’s business partner, Tarun Trika from India, fully supports her effort of developing and promoting products from Indonesia so that it will not issue national foreign exchange. In fact, this will in turn help to improve the nation’s economy. “Honestly, my goal is to open up employment opportunities so that TKI and TKW (Indonesia’s overseas domestic helpers & labourers) can return to Indonesia. This business has also allowed many people to familiarise themselves with the internet, to learn the English language, and, to allow people to earn more money,” explained Goenarni.

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