09Apr, 2013

Strategies to Measure PR Effectiveness in the Digital Age

Indira_Abidin_is_Speaking_about_Social_Media_Campaign_in_the_SeminarIndira Abidin in a Seminar on Digital PR, Malaysia

The digitization of media has changed how consumers around the world are now spending their time. Based on the global time spent survey from the Global Web Index released in March 2013, digital media consumption amounts to 57 percent of total daily media consumption – in which time spent on social media made up to nearly half of it (27 percent), which means more time than the time spent for television (23 percent), radio (11 percent), and print media (5 percent).

The survey also shows that younger generation tend to be more digital and mobile in their media consumption than older generation. The age group of 55-64 years old still spent almost 60% of their media consumption on traditional media (TV, radio, print, and game console), while those ages 16-24 years old spend almost 60% of their media consumption on digital media (PC and mobile). This growing trend is something that PR practitioners has to face everywhere around the world.

How to measure the effectiveness of public relations strategies in the digital age, especially in social media, is a challenge for public relations practitioners. Managing Director of Fortune PR, Indira Abidin shared tips in ‘Integrated Public Relations for the Digital Age’ seminar held at InterContinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, on Friday (5/4). Delivering the topic ‘Mastering PR Measurement in the Digital Age’, Indira became the only speaker from Indonesia. Besides Indira, the seminar features speakers from Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., BMW Group Malaysia and a number of multinational PR agencies.

In her session, Indira explained that measuring the effectiveness of PR campaigns can be divided into four stages, namely exposure, engagement, influence, and action. At the exposure stage, the effectiveness of PR campaigns is measured by the number of audience exposed to the created content. “This measurement can be seen through the number of hits or visits on the website, followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, and also views on the YouTube video and on the blog post,” said Indira.

The engagement stage measures further, ie how much action taken in response to our message. On Twitter, for example, this can be seen from how many retweets, clicked links , and shared hashtags. “The influence stage takes even further steps. This stage is intended to measure how far our content and audience engagement affect audience’s perceptions and attitudes. Is the brand, corporate, or individual that we are campaigning considered positive, neutral, or even negative, “said Indira. At this stage, the measurement indicators can also be seen through the number of audience whose perception was successfully changed by the campaign. In the action stage, the measured aspect has reached the level of behavior. For example, how many audience recommends our campaign to other audience. “The increase in the purchase and the number of people attending the event or visiting the store can also be an indicator at this stage,” said Indira.

Indira is a well-known PR practicioner in Indonesia and has been a featured speaker in many workshops, seminars, and conferences in both Indonesia and Malaysia. She is also an active social media user, especially on her twitter account: @indiraabidin.

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