06Dec, 2017

Trade Mall Agung Podomoro, a Business Center to Encourage the Improvement of SMEs

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Photo : Ho Melly (VP Coorporate Marketing TM Agung Podomoro)

Trade Mall (TM) Agung Podomoro is a trade and business center boasting approximately 30,000 SME entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia. Throughout 2017 TM hosted programs and activities that encourage the growth of SMEs and the populist economy, making it a place of community activities and transforming the business of their tenants.


Ho Mely Surjani, VP Corporate Marketing TM Agung Podomoro said, “In order to encourage the improvement of SMEs and the populist economy, we have conducted several activities, such as the 2nd prize winning ceremony of TM Podomoro Vaganza series in 2017, corporate deal with Family Mart and the opening of the wedding hall of Seasons City”. TM Agung Podomoro Vaganza 2017 is a joint 8 TM promotional program that successfully attracts community participation. Addtionally, through a corporate deal with Family Mart, TM Agung Podomoro planned to open more Family Mart outlets.  TM Agung Podomoro is predicted to have good business prospects in 2018. In accordance with its mission, TM thrive to be a national and international shopping and business center destination. This is in line with some of the programs that already implemented in 2017. Melly explain, “We continue to strive to make Trade Mall as a shopping and business center destination both nationally and internationally, for an example Seasons city is increasingly known as a wedding mall and equipped with the national and international F & B brand”. In a media and blogger meeting, Mely unveiled TM Agung Podomoro’s strategy in 2018. She claimed that TM will continue their regular activities similarly in 2017, which includes the progress of SMEs, as well as a venue for community activities in Jakarta and in return the activities will support the tenants. TM is also considering offline and online business trends for years to come, therefore setting up some Offline and Online collaboration programs in TM Agung Podomoro in terms of TM’s new features. A few regular events like Ennichisai agenda big annual 2018 which often held Blok M Square and also Tatung Singkawang during Cap Go Meh celebration becomes the annual big agenda at Seasons City.

Muhammad Arif, the Public Relations Consultant of Fortune PR said, “In the development of the economy in Indonesia, SMEs are always described as a sector that plays a significant role. The majority of Indonesians are not well-educated and they thrive in small business activities both in traditional and modern sector. SMEs also have a strategic role in the development of the national economy, therefore, in addition to play a role in the economic growth and employment absorption, they also play a role in the industry results. By supporting SME’s, Trade mall also contribute to the development of Indonesian economy.”

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