28Sep, 2012

WeChat Brings Innovation to Social Messaging Market

WeChat_logoFollowing Its Huge International Success, Managed to Spark a New Trend in Indonesia.

Jakarta, 28 September 2012WeChat, a social communications services available for smartphone devices, today announced that the application has enjoyed a huge popularity increase since its initial arrival on the Indonesian market. Globally, WeChat has more than 200 Million registered user accounts, which is almost as big as the total population in Indonesia. The significant popularity boost was due to innovative product features that enables users to add new friends, make new connections, or simply having fun while sharing their social moments.

In Indonesian market, the application managed to compete with existing products through its unique set of features, including Location-based Services integration, social sharing called ‘Moments’ and modern audio-video capabilities such as Video Calling and voice messaging (or Hold-to-Talk).

WeChat arrives as a major contender for public network-based chat services which have previously been dominating Indonesian market. The messenger service also serves as a breath of fresh air for social media enthusiasts. It fits perfectly with the trend of smartphones nowadays that are equipped with GPS, voice recording, to photo and video capabilities. “WeChat is not just a simple instant messenger mobile app but it is actually a platform that intends to introduce a new communication style where users can connect with each other via interesting features like hold-to-talk voice messaging, video chat, photo sharing and shake for finding friends, to name a few.”Dennis Hau, head of International product center, Tencent International Business Group explicated.“The market demands a platform that can utilize those features to improve their social communications experience, and that is exactly what WeChat is capable to deliver.”

The diverse landscape of mobile devices in Indonesia is also a deciding factor. People grow increasingly demanding for a platform that does not limit their social scale. They want to be able to chat and share their experiences regardless of their device OS, price and brand. Furthermore, according to the latest data by IDC, Android is currently the most well-liked platform with 52% market share. This yields for a raising popularity of touchscreen phones. “That’s why for WeChat, we set our sights on smartphones,” Dennis continued.

WeChat can be used for most smartphone platforms. It is now available for Android, iOS (including iPhone and iPad), Windows Phone, and Symbian OS. The unique range of features WeChat offers the customers to enjoy include:

Location-based Service (LBS)

By utilizing the accelerometer in the device, coupled with GPS and other features, users can exchange information like photos and contacts with other WeChat users.. The integrated location-based service enables users to easily experience the most of social networking activity. This is mostly very practical for broadening one’s social life by staying connected with friends closest from their location or finding new people nearby who are also looking for new friends to interact with, safely and securely.

Look Around:

Discover new friends by using this feature to connect with nearby WeChat community members who are also looking around.

Hold To Talk

WeChat_-_Hold_to_TalkThis is a new voice messaging feature which enables users to send voice messages at the touch of a button. Hold to Talk serves as a great alternative for voice calling since it is free to use and does not count towards the user’s calling credit usage. Indonesian users who often worry about their credit usage can maximize this feature from WeChat without having to replenish their credit every time they need a long conversation with friends via phone.

 Video Call

Using WeChat, users can interact with each other more vividly through means video call. Identical to Hold to Talk, users do not need any additional cost to access this feature, nor do they need to pay extra for credit usage.


WeChat_-_MomentsWeChat users can post their special ‘Moments’ through pictures or texts and share them only with their selected friends so that the content remains secure. Users can also allow their friends to comment and “like”their posts. Most memorable moments can be shared with the loved ones via phone with only a few simple steps.

 These features are just a few from the many capabilities that WeChat have. Users can also enjoy group chat sessions with an extensive range of animated and custom emoticon and emoji art, customizable backgrounds, and a Rock-Paper-Scissors mini-game. Unlike static, conventional applications, the features of WeChat can be expanded in the future using its unique feature plug-in system.as additional indulgence for messenger service aficionado. With frequent software update and improvements, the possibilities are limitless.

About WeChat

WeChat is free mobile voice and text messaging application that allows the users to send free text, voice messages, emoticons, picture, video and other files. Users can also do video-chat, add new friends through its social features, utilize Location-based services, and share their stories through unique ‘Moments’ feature.WeChat application is available for iOS, Android OS, Symbian, and Windows Phone users. For more information and application download, the website can be accessed in the following address: www.wechatapp.com

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