03Feb, 2014

ZTE Indonesia Supports The Government’s Flood Relief Efforts in Jakarta

zte water pump donation

Jakarta, 3 February 2014 – ZTE Indonesia, the country’s leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, proactively supported the government in response to the Jakarta’s flood disaster. ZTE Indonesia’s visit to the Jakarta Government Office, on 24 January 2014, was welcomed by Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta. On that occasion, the company donated 10 water pumps as a commitment to help Jakarta’s government in the flood relief activity.

Torrential rain which has continued to pour in Jakarta within last several weeks has flooded 23 neighborhoods, and forced more than 38.000 people to evacuate from their house due to the high water level. According to The Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) the death toll as per 25th January has reached as much as 23 casualties.

“We are committed to support the government’s efforts in overcoming the flood disaster that has been haunting Jakarta since several weeks ago,” said Jiang Peng, Head of Department Government & Enterprise of ZTE Indonesia. “We hope that our donation could help to reduce the water level in areas that are most affected by the floods.”

“As a telecommunication infrastructure provider, we believe that having a dependable infrastructure is important to be able to conduct effective disaster relief activities,” said Zhang Yang, Account Manager Government & Enterprise of ZTE Indonesia. “The people expect the government to go all out to minimize the infrastructure damage caused by flood, so by providing support, we hope that they can make the best use of it to be able to mitigate the damage.”


ZTE Indonesia is highly committed to many social activities besides Jakarta Flood relief. Over the years, ZTE has been actively participating in public welfare activities worldwide, including natural disaster relief and educational aid programs. Some examples of ZTE’s social activities in the past are: donation to Sayap Ibu Foundation as a form of solid action to fight for the children’s future and welfare as our nation’s next generation citizens; In the environmental preservation front, ZTE has donated more than 3000 tress for One Man, One Tree campaign in Indonesia; and also provided necessary reinforcement in the form of emergency life kits following the West Sumatra earthquake several years back.


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