25Jul, 2017

A Quick Guide to Launch a New Property

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By: Annisa Gita Putri – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“Start the launch buzz for your new property even before the construction starts. In this early stage, you assess the need for the launch and how it can best meet that need. Research to find information about the local market, what housing needs there are, and the likely demand for each type of home built. This is the first step in ensuring that there will be strong demand and that the property sales are received positively by awaiting home buyers. Nowadays, developers compete to build new property so your launch would have to be stand out from the crowd. So first, create a hype and attract attention using interesting promos and big discounts to prospective buyers. Second, you can place an advertorial on the media in order to give more information about your property. Third, you can conduct a launch event that would attract the attention of the local media and potential tenants. This can be done through a press conference, for example. Be sure to have an excellent media contacts across news, property, and lifestyle so you can produce outstanding coverage. Don’t rely on brochures and flyers. Directly engage the media for a live site visit, so in the end they can write down their own experience about your new property.”

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