11Aug, 2017

Aviation Crisis Response: Giving a Consistent Information Update

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By: Ivan Christianto – PR Consultant of Fortune PR

“When emergency air crisis strikes, inform the public about the truth and update the information fast. Publish press releases and conduct press conference using credible data to tackle rumors. Point to one spokesperson and be consistent with the information sent out to the public. Remember to always be consistent. An hourly information update from the spokesperson would allow both public and internal employees to have greater sensitivity to the challenges and pressures ahead. If a situation requires balancing of differing opinions to handle the situation, the functions can have a far more constructive conversation if both have an in-depth understanding of the issues at stake. Engage in digital channels such as Twitter. Be aware that during a crisis, netizens are re-posting from the media and providing commentary about the event or even government response. Netizens are informing their connections as to how they are themselves feels about the event. The official spokesperson can use this as an opportunity to make use of Twitter and other digital channels to reach a large portion of the public when updating latest information.”

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