29Sep, 2017

Challenges for PR in FMCG Industry

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By: Shinta Widianti – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“The society’s transformation, driven by digitalization and globalization, as well as geopolitical and economic forces, is completely transforming many industries, including the FMCG and its clients’ consumer habits. Therefore, FMCG companies require a fast-acting PR pro that specializes in driving footfall and sales. Also, a hard-working and strategic person that would go the extra mile. There are three main challenges PR pros must face up to in the future if they wish to grow sustainably and profitably. First is the marketing challenge. The goals of marketing remain unchanged, but not the way in which these are reached. It vital to understand that the customer journey and the new ways and opportunities for connecting with the consumer are very different. Companies must make consumers understand the importance of brands and know how to connect with them, using all available channels. Second is to promote and look after new channels. Our obligation is not to be present in all of the different channels, but rather develop, incentivize and differentiate them to really achieve incremental sales for our companies. Lastly is to pay attention to digital-based sales, the transformation of retail structure, and consumer behavior towards a wide range of products. To succeed in the future, PR pros working in the FMCG industry must consider the availability of product, the type and the diversity of product, the price, promotion channels, innovation, and how to make consumers remember your brand.”

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