15Aug, 2017

Choosing the Right Twitter Buzzer for a Digital Campaign

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By: Shinta Widianti – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“An online buzzer is not an alarm or a bell, but someone with a Twitter account and more than 2,000 followers who are paid to tweet. These Twitter buzzers send short messages promoting brands or products to their followers, usually during prime-time hours (7-10 AM and 4-8 PM). Those are the times when most audiences scan their mobile phones. When we talk about a digital campaign on social media like Twitter, using a buzzer becomes a must. Buzzers can add value for your digital campaign, and then it is up to us to choose an influencing topic. If our brand doesn’t have a valuable story, using Twitter buzzers will be useless and your campaign won’t become a word of mouth. But not all buzzers are credible. To choose a credible buzzer, you must be observant and carefully review all their postings. Make sure their followers are organic and suitable for your target audience. Study their writing style and wordings. Lastly, observe their interaction and followers’ engagement. Study how they reply comments and study the tone of each comment from their followers.”

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