03Aug, 2017

Conducting Stakeholder Mapping for Successful Projects

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By: Muhammad Arif – Account Manager of Fortune PR


“Stakeholders are people or small groups with the power to respond, negotiate, and change the future of an organization. Without stakeholders, there would be no projects to manage. The stakeholders are all the interested parties in a project. They are the people who affect and influence the project as well as those who will be influenced by it. As a PR pro, it is critical to conduct stakeholder mapping when starting a project. Stakeholder mapping will help you quickly identified the key stakeholders in each area that you need to engage, types of input they require, and the kind of program they might need. When we are managing a project, it is our full responsibilities to ensure the success. It’s up to us to produce a project on time with an effective budget and the best quality. Conducting stakeholder mapping and the involvement of stakeholders in the project is very important to achieve this goal. If we can manage the stakeholders well, they will actively support your project. Conducting the right stakeholder mapping will make your stakeholders actively involved and support your project. In the end, this can help you achieve your objectives and managed a successful project.”

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