12Sep, 2017

Creating an Emotional Connection through a Campaign

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By: David Mario Hutabarat – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“To create an emotional campaign, you must start by conducting a strong research. Understand your target market, your audiences’ needs and wants, their behavior, and issues that are relevant to them. After you get all information about your target audience, you can start to craft the right message. Remember that people rely on emotions rather than information to make brand decisions. Emotional responses are proven to be more influential. In the stage of execution, you need to be creative in order to gain attention from your target audience. Choose the right channels that match your target audience. Measure the success by reflecting back to the campaign’s objective. For reference of a well-executed emotional campaign, you can see the #LikeAGirl campaign from a sanitary pad brand by P&G called Always, and how they managed to bring an emotional and empowering message for young girls.”

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