05Oct, 2017

Creating More Engaging Video Content

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By: Niko Radityo – Associate Director of Fortune PR


“Communicating via video is one of the smartest strategy you can do to drive awareness and engage your viewers. It is a dynamic way to reach your vast audience of stakeholders, consumers, and competitors. When creating a video, make sure that each video contains one clear learning point or actionable piece of advice. Get right to the point of the information, provide the value, answer one question, and keep the video in one focus. Create a video content that answers the frequently asked questions. Or you can expand, add more stories and examples to certain topics. Next, help viewers reach their goal by providing a goal-oriented video. Create a character and tell a story that educates. Adding characters to your content is more engaging, and we know that stories will not only enhance learning, but also increase connective power and strengthen relationships. Develop video themes and categories. Organizing videos around themes and categories will help users self-select what they want to know. This will encourage them to spend more time on your site or channel, and engage more with your content. Your audience will write down great reviews, share your video, engage in multiple social media channels, make a purchase, and send feedbacks and requests for future improvements.”

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