18Aug, 2017

Creating Online Conversation using Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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By: DIBE – Fortune PR


“In this digital age, it is a must for PR to master the characteristics of social media. Let’s talk briefly about the top three: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can use all three to distribute real-time news, images, and videos. Twitter, the 140 characters platform, is a perfect place if you want to create online conversations for your brand. Twitter’s search feature and hashtags are the most filtered and specific out of all social media platforms. While on Facebook, you can create a photo album and write about your product specification in 200-300 characters. Facebook is also a perfect place for your customers to put their product reviews on your brand’s page. You can also showcase your brand through a short video on your page or from the new Facebook stories feature. Lastly, Instagram is a great platform for posting esthetical photos and 59 second videos to showcase your brand features. You can update new information daily using the Insta-stories feature. Basically, to promote your product you can easily use a hashtag to enhance the search for keywords in all of the platforms above. But remember, what works for Twitter might not necessarily work on others. Your PR message has to be crafted well using the right tools.”

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