18Jul, 2017

Creative Thinking Tricks

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By: Upik Rubiyanti – Associate Creative Director of Fortune PR


“Creative thinking means looking at something from a fresh perspective. It can be stimulated by an unstructured process such as brainstorming, or by a structured process such as lateral thinking. Some people are naturally more creative than others, but creative thinking can be strengthened with practice. To practice the art of creative thinking, you can go out to new places. Go out, take a walk, drive around, and find new places to brainstorm your ideas. Go to places that make you calm and find new inspirations there. While doing so, be more sensitive to your surroundings and try to observe everything. You can also talk to different people. But the most important thing is to listen to them. By listening, we can learn new things from other people’s experiences and stories. We can learn from a different perspective and it might be able to spark new ideas for us. So always try to keep an open mind because it reflects how much you are motivated to consider new ideas, concepts, and experiences. Lastly, don’t ever limit your curiosity. If you’re curious, ask. Seek answers from experts, or Google your questions. But remember to always be skeptical when you receive new information.”

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