02Aug, 2017

Crisis Communications Guidelines for Air Disasters

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By: Ivan Christianto – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“Airline companies should always make a crisis communications plan in advance, in a form of a written guidebook of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). A crisis communications plan should describe how the company will mobilize its communication resources to support the response and provide guidance. The main elements of include a brief statement of company communication policy, the outline of the communication organization, protocols for ensuring all available communication channels are properly coordinated and that information and messaging is consistent with all audiences, description of functional roles and responsibilities, checklists for each functional role, templates for initial statements, database with phone and email addresses of important internal and external contacts, as well as standard forms and documentation. This guidebook should be distributed to all employees, not only for the executive board members. Airline companies must make sure that all internal employees know how to answer questions from the public when the crisis appears.”

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