16Oct, 2017

Cyber Breach Response Management

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By: Niko Radityo – Associate Director of Fortune PR


“How a company communicates about a breach is an essential part of breach response. But before that, a PR must first notice the cyber breach news landscape so they can take a preventive action. Companies must be ready to face the cyber threat. Readiness can be done through establishing a 24/7 monitoring system, providing a well-prepared team to deal with all aspects of a cyber incident or crisis with detailed roles and protocols. Companies must also make an action plan, and conduct a crisis response simulation, making sure of the readiness. The company’s coordinated and rapid responses limit the loss of time, money, and customers, as well as damage to reputation and the costs of recovery. The company must be prepared to communicate across all media, including social media. The last part of the response is recovery. This step focuses on returning to normal operations and limit damage to the organization and its stakeholders after the crisis. Post-event steps include assessments of the causes and of the management of the incident or crisis, monitoring, and stakeholder relations. It is important to note that the goal of cyber security is to develop a secure, vigilant, and resilient organization.”

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