08Sep, 2017

Engaging Employees in Creating Social Media Policy

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By: Ayu Meganingrum – Business Group Director of Fortune PR


“There are two approaches to creating a social media policy. You can write one complete social media policy that addresses all currently available social mediums. Or you can write policies as you need them. It is beneficial for employees to have their input into the companie’s social media.  They may have great insight and opinions to share with customers and clients. Employees are an amazing resource and can help you promote your business on social networks. Bring in your most active social media employees to collaborate and help craft your social media guidelines. The social media policy should be about what employees can and can’t do on social media. That is why as a corporate PR practitioner, you must remind all employees about the policy, make them familiar with the policy details, teach employees about making a disclaimer when posting about the company, and socializing the rules of using company’s logo. Lastly, it is very important to explain the difference between speaking on behalf of the company and speaking about the company.”

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