07Sep, 2017

Guide to Stakeholder Mapping

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By: Muhammad Arif – Account Manager of Fortune PR


“Conducting stakeholder mapping and the involvement of stakeholders in the project is very important. If we can manage the stakeholders well, they will actively support your project. Here are the four steps of stakeholders mapping to gain support and help you to achieve your objective. The first is to identify all the stakeholders through mind mapping and analyzing the documentation from the previous projects. After all the stakeholders are successfully identified, then we conduct an analysis of the impact and the influence of the stakeholders related to the project’s objectives. The next step is to gain more stakeholder involvement, so you have to manage all the stakeholders well without giving a negative impact to the project or the organization. Lastly is to communicate with all stakeholders and developing communication and report. Utilize the existing report to communicate with our main stakeholders, and also don’t forget to make use of technologies like the webinar, video conference, the internet, and intranet.”

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