12Oct, 2017

How Taxi Companies Should Handle Digital Disruption

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By: Triyo Saputra – Account Manager of Fortune PR

“Does the expansion of the sharing economy will end conventional businesses? In recent years this debate has centered on taxi services, where drivers have seen increased competition since the emergence of digital ride-hailing apps. Disruptive technologies are changing the landscape now and into the foreseeable future. The taxi industry has been ripe for disruption for decades. But only technology has allowed it to really kick in. Industries and business models get disrupted by ride-hailing app companies, when the conventional existing ways no longer work for customers. There’s a battle for the future of transportation being waged outside our offices and homes. But transformation remains a critically important phenomenon across all industries. Many industries will face intense challenges and will have no choice but to radically change their established business models. The road to digital transformation requires a lot of changes in internal infrastructure and system. To keep up with the ongoing digital disruption, traditional taxi companies should become a company that supports digital disruption itself. They should be open with changes and find creative solutions to attract customers. Lastly, going digital requires educating employee’s mindset and knowledge so they will able to face the changes and challenges in the future.”

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