11Aug, 2017

How to Avoid Bad Press Publicity

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By: Shinta Widianti – PR Consultant of Fortune PR

“The reputation of a company essential to its survival. But the press might have the power to damage your reputation instantly. No matter how careful you are in keeping your company’s reputation, the chance of getting negative press coverage will still be there. As a PR pro, it’s important to know how to avoid negative press coverage. Don’t wait to become the news, your company must become the news. Be proactive. Talk about what you and your company are doing. Get your positive stories out there and engage the press. This is a great way to ensure that there’s a significant amount of positive sentiment surrounding your brand, in case if something does go wrong in the future. Moreover, turn existing customers into brand ambassadors. Turn an average customer into an advocate for your company. You have to make sure to interact with them and to respond when they respond. Be timely and be relevant. Make them feel special. Lastly, you can get involved in community events. Show them you care about them and they will be more likely to talk about you in a positive light.”

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