12Oct, 2017

Internal Communication: Layoff Communication Guideline

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By: Amanda Putri – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“Communication is key to a successful layoff process. Poor communication raises suspicions that you are hiding something, causes rumors and misconceptions among employees. If your company is facing the need to restructure your workforce, here are some important points to remember. Prior to the layoff notification, plan your communication early and communicate often. Plan what and when you will tell your employees about possible layoffs. Keep them apprised of developments over time. Moreover, communicate openly and honestly. Employees can better plan for a worst-case scenario if they know the possibilities. During the layoff notification process, plan in details when to deliver the layoff notification meeting. After the layoff notification, continue to communicate with the separating employees and the remaining staff. Remaining employees may feel that they may be the next ones losing their jobs and some may feel guilty when colleagues have lost their jobs. Communication is important when trying to raise the level of understanding in your organization. Without understanding, your employees can resist change due to the fear of the unknown.”

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