12Sep, 2017

Keeping Employees Engaged After a Layoff

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By: Amanda Putri – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“When a company announce a major organizational change like a layoff, the anxiety felt by remaining employees can affect their productivity. In most cases, the effects of layoffs have left many leaders confused about keeping loyalty among the survivors who are most likely feeling fearful and distracted. In this condition, leaders need to create an environment in which employees can maintain their motivation level, you need to focus on diminishing ambiguity, increasing trust, and enhancing development. You need to remove as much ambiguity as possible from the workplace. Communicate what you know and be honest about what you don’t know. Ensure that your employees can trust you as a consistent and realistic leader who is committed to their best interests. You can also collaborate with other company divisions such as internal PR and human resources to create interesting and empowering programs for all employees.”

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