11Aug, 2017

Learn the Essentials of Network Etiquette

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By: Ayu Meganingrum – Business Group Director of Fortune PR

 “The existence of internet has changed the role of many internet users from consumers of information to become information producers. Users now have a simple way not only to seek and receive information, but also to actively share information. Learning about network etiquette or ‘netiquette’, is very important in today’s digital age. This is beneficial for yourself as a person, or to add to a company’s online communication policy. In fact, teaching knowledge about netiquette should start at the very young age, since our kids today are digital natives. Netiquette will be your guideline on how to behave on the internet. It will provide you with personal security and teach you how to behave appropriately in a given situation makes you more comfortable. It protects the feelings of others and makes other comfortable. It makes communication clearer and help to break down barriers in online communication. It will enhance your reputation as more capable, professional, and intelligent. Lastly, it makes a positive first impression online.”

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