24Aug, 2017

Learning from Coca Cola’s Emotional Campaign Video Strategy

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By: David Mario Hutabarat – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“Coca Cola Indonesia successfully made an emotional campaign video to persuade people to stop name calling, a form of verbal bullying. Using emotional campaign video strategy, the company aimed to change audiences’ behavior through conveying the emotional message. The campaign called #RayakanNamaMu managed to gain 2,4 million views and 2,1 thousand likes on Youtube. Overall, this campaign is unique and is very relatable to Coca Cola’s target audience in Indonesia. Coca Cola captured the viral verbal bullying issue and integrate it in digital and on ground. The audiences’ will perceive Coca Cola as a brand that has more added value, compared to other similar products. From Coca Cola, we learned that before creating an emotional campaign, you need to start with strong research about your target audience because, in the end, your campaign will want to target emotion, not cognition.”

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