11Oct, 2017

Managing Customers Dissatisfaction in Aviation Industry

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By: Shiva Vinneza – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“One complaining customer represents many other customers who had the same problem but didn’t complain. For every person who actually comes to complain to you, there is a quantum number who won’t come to you. They are the ones who go off and tell somebody else, complain about you online, and take their business elsewhere. Learn to always manage your customers complains effectively. First, you must always listen to your customers and let them finish what they have to say. Don’t get defensive. Instead, repeat back what you are hearing to show that you have listened. Second, be caring and concern. The more information you can get from the customer, the better you will understand their perspective. Third, respond by showing empathy. Remember that your goal is to solve the problem, not argue with them. Fourth, apologize. State that you are truly sorry and that you’re trying to fix the situation. Lastly, solve the problem and provide the customers with an acceptable solution quickly.”

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