08Sep, 2017

Managing Negative Press Coverage

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By: Shinta Widianti – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“A negative press coverage, especially in today’s digital age, can easily damage your company’s reputation. To manage the damage, there are five tips that will be useful for PR pros. First, you must remember to stay out from virtual fights. Do not respond harshly to negative comments or attack the haters by getting involved in a virtual fight. Second, study all the negative comments and take it as a feedback. Take your time to think about the message for your public statement and the best way to answer all the complaints. Third, talk to your stakeholders. Get rid of any misunderstanding, share your positivity, and make sure that your team is still cohesive on the current situation. Fourth, appoint a proper spokesperson who owns the ability to handle questions from journalists to give an official public statement. Lastly, try to find positive angles and share positive stories about your company to the press.”

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