18Aug, 2017

Measuring Your Website’s Performance

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By: DIBE – Fortune PR


“Businesses today invested a lot of time and money into the development of their website. Measuring website performance can be tricky. In order to fully appreciate the process, you have to understand specifically what you are measuring, why you are measuring it and what you can learn from the measurements to improve your website’s performance. Basically, how they measure their website’s performance is by analyzing the organic traffic level, referral traffic from websites and social networks, looking at the source as well as the medium of client’s website goal completions, and analyzing the types of unique users from the client’s asset. To make it simple for you to understand, consider your client’s website as a hotel. To measure the hotel’s performance, think about how many times the customers visit the hotel? When is the peak season? How many times they visit and how long do the customers spend time at the hotel? How do they know the hotel existence in the first place? And which part of the hotel is the most visited? You can utilize all this data for the next step of your decision-making process.”

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