04Aug, 2017

Prove that Social Media Marketing Contributes to Business Growth

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By: Lydia Rachmawati Zein – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“To prove how social media marketing contributes to business growth, you need to know how to connect the right data points. For example, if your goal is to drive brand awareness, you would measure success against metrics such as audience reach and engagement, rather than profit. To do this, you can measure using two methods: ongoing analytics and campaign-focused metrics. Ongoing analytics tracks activity over time. You can check it regularly because it is necessary to track general conversations about your brand and company. While campaign-focused metrics will help you understand the impact of targeted marketing initiatives and will vary from campaign to campaign, depending on your goals for each. An effective social media campaign may include both ongoing and campaign-specific measurement. The best campaigns have intentional measurement strategies planned in advance.”

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