18Aug, 2017

Showing Empathy in Crisis Communication

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By: Ivan Christianto – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“During a crisis, the ability to show genuine empathy to the victims and their relatives can make a huge difference in whether you will succeed or will fail. Empathy in a huge crisis is critical as it demonstrates that you and your company care about the victims. When developing messages for a crisis, you must focus on the victims. Tell people how you are committed to helping the victims and the families in an effective way. You must be genuine. Address the emotion in a sincere way and show real concern. Moreover, when talking in a press conference aired on television, the company’s spokesperson must be honest. Use a well-mannered tone and good gesture. Give the public the right key messages and credibility to show empathy. Tell the public the next step of the company’s action to resolve the crisis. The role of a CEO is vital during a crisis, so having a likable and a media trained CEO is an advantage for your company.”

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