02Aug, 2017

Social Marketing Campaign Planning in a Nutshell

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By: Lusida Sinaga – Senior Account Manager of Fortune PR


“When conducting a social marketing campaign, PR pros aim to transform people’s perception and behavior for the benefit of society as a whole. PR pros will need to identify what behavior they want to change. They need to identify their audience. Let’s say you want to change the behavior of a few different groups so you may want to influence through different ways. Then, identify the barriers to change through research methods. Next, reduce the barriers to change. Plan ways to make your campaign more accessible, efficient, and attractive. Then test your ideas on a few people, assess the result, and modify your plan. Don’t forget to publicize and let your audience know what you’re doing to help them. Lastly, assess your result. Monitor and evaluate. See if you have created the changes you wanted. Social marketing will help you reach your target audience, customize your message to the targeted audience, and create a sustainable behavior change.”

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