29Sep, 2017

Social Media Guidelines for Employees

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By: Ayu Meganingrum – Business Group Director of Fortune PR


“Anyone can say anything on the internet. It is both the platform’s greatest strength and weakness. When your employees are posting on the internet, your company’s integrity is on display for the entire world to see. By creating a social media guideline or handbook for employees, you can remind them to be ethical, truthful, and decent when communicating online. Start with the introduction by stating the objectives, the company’s values which should be in-line with the objectives, and brief key points on how to use this guideline. You should elaborate on the online social media principles that can help empower your employees to represent your company and share the optimistic and positive spirits of your brand. Continue by writing about the company’s commitments. State briefly that there will be disciplinary actions if a party refuses to follow the policy. End the guideline by stating about the rights of employees and agencies to use social media for business and self-expression, while also mentioning the consequences that could happen if they misuse it. Any company, big or small, needs social media guidelines to protect their reputations. Even if their company has no social media presence, their employees may be creating one by virtue of their actions online.”

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