14Aug, 2017

The 10 Commandments of Managing Change in the Workplace

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By: Amanda Putri – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“Communicating changes effectively keep your department moving forward and help your team members become more effective and ready to adapt to new situations. There are ten commandments for you to follow when managing change. First, provide direction. Define your department’s role and needs in the change process. Second, expect performance changes, drop in productivity, and an increase in stress levels during the process. Third, be positive and enthusiastic. Fourth, clarify and manage the issues and make sure your priorities are clear. Fifth, be informed and take the time to show empathy towards your staff. Sixth, inform your staff about the good and bad news. Seventh, support your staff and be honest. Eighth, build your team, clarify roles and responsibilities. Ninth, let the staff work their way through the transition, encourage initiative, discussion, and suggestions. Lastly, focus on the transition and be a supportive mentor.”

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