05Oct, 2017

Accelerate Your Online Networking Skills

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By: Ayu Meganingrum – Business Group Director of Fortune PR


“The attraction of social networking websites is their ability to allow people to not only connect with their current real-life friends, but also form an extended global network of digital friendships and professional network. There are certain rules and guidelines you need to follow when building your professional network. These are part of what is called networking etiquette. Learning about network etiquette is very important in today’s digital age. This is beneficial for yourself as a person, or to add to a company’s online communication policy. Most employees are generally uneducated about the virtually limitless reach of social media and are largely undisciplined when it comes to the appropriateness of using it. One encompassing truth is that social media are not private and for business use, a certain degree of formality is required. Do not post anything hurtful to your readers. Always read before clicking the post button. Review your post to ensure that you accurately convey your intention and make sure you do not convey false information. Posting messages that are appropriate will make yourself look good online. Sharing your experiences, expert knowledge, and ideas in online discussion are preferable. Remember the digital sphere’s diversity and inclusion. Pay attention to the context of the conversation and the cultural difference of your audience. Be sensitive to the diversity of your fellow participants. Lastly, always respect other people’s privacy”

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