14Jul, 2017

Writing a Great Case Study

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By: Ati Muchtar – President Director of Fortune PR


“Writing a PR case study can be tricky, but it is a job that a PR expert must be able to accomplish. Your case study needs to be systematic and interesting. It must have a value written clearly in the background so people can understand the main points, and must be based on data. The objectives, strategies, target audience, and the output expected must be elaborated clearly. Provide all relevant data on why the strategies are chosen. Make sure what you wrote on the case study tells a story and own a stopping power so people will read it until the end. Use your storytelling and creativity skills to make the case study extraordinary! Lastly, the elaborated output and evaluation must be able to answer the objectives or to solve the main problem. The tip is to write your case study using active sentences. The sentence must be straight to the point so it won’t be confusing.”


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