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09Sep, 2014

Content Marketing That Drives Business

By Oscar Prajnaphalla I always believe that content marketing is the most important marketing communications strategy nowadays. When you need to outsource a catering service, most likely you will try to find it on Google. Yes, reference does matter, but when was the last time you asked around for...

14Aug, 2013

Five Tips to Create a Successful Online Content Marketing

By: Martine Olivia TukanContent Marketing is the creation of text and visual material to encourage sales. This is now becoming a new trend among marketers asit is felt to be more impactful.  The Content Marketing Institute said that 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers favor this...

27May, 2013

Lima Tips Ciptakan Marketing Konten Online yang Sukses

Oleh: Martina Olivia Tukan Marketing konten, atau penciptaan materi tulisan dan visual untuk mendorong penjualan, kini meraup popularitas makin tinggi, dan dampaknya dirasa makin efektif. Tak heran bila Content Marketing Institute menyebutkan 91% pemasar B2B dan 86% pemasar B2C sekarang memilih strategi tersebut. Bahkan, lebih dari setengahnya berencana untuk meningkatkan...