14Aug, 2013

Five Tips to Create a Successful Online Content Marketing

By: Martine Olivia Tukan

Content_MarketingContent Marketing is the creation of text and visual material to encourage sales. This is now becoming a new trend among marketers asit is felt to be more impactful.  The Content Marketing Institute said that 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers favor this strategy. In fact, more than half of them (marketers) have planned to increase their content marketing efforts in the near future!

Why is content marketing becoming very important nowadays?

The biggest attraction of this strategy is budget efficiency. Online content such as YouTube videos and blog content with numerous and ingenious keywords will consistently appear on the first page of search results. For marketers, appearing on the first page means enlarging promotional opportunities to be viewed and ultimately selected.  This is certainly equivalent to a very promising business opportunity. Therefore, it is not surprising that creativity in doing content marketing has become very important to them.

So, how do we create marketing content that can manage to gain maximum impact with a minimum budget? Based on our experience in designing, implementing and evaluating the client’s digital campaign, here are five tips that we can share so that your content marketing strategy can be done properly:

1.  Understand Your Audience

Learn about your prospective audience to determine their needs and interests. Thus, you can impress them in the most alluring way. Do it by monitoring keywords and topics (including competitors’ names) on your social media outlets to see the keywords and topics that are often shared on Twitter, strongly entice “Like” on Facebook, frequently invite comments on blogs, and so on. Once you attract the attention of a small group of audience, use their feedbacks to create content that will attract more followers.

2. Create a Plan

Content marketing requires you to maintain any momentum through writing content on a regular basis (a daily basis is the best). To keep it sustainable, you have to develop a communications strategy that supports business objectives by creating an editorial calendar on topics in detail for the next few months. Then, make sure that you share the calendar with all team members.  Create an assignment and ask the team to contribute ideas for new, fresh content.

3. Determine High Standards

Make the same standards for your online content as you apply it to your business. Although an effective content encourages and maintains sales, the content that is not properly executed can backfire and damage your brand, as well as eliminate readers and your business.  Play with your strengths. For example, if you are a skilled photographer, create a compelling content about the techniques and the results of your photography.

Remember that the tone used in a company blog or a more formal official document must be different from what is written in social media (relaxing and inviting chat). If you are not good at writing, it is better to hire a part-time writer to do it. But, make sure you give these writers a detailed editorial standard to be followed.

4. Keep diversity – always be fresh!

Do not limit your online content with regular blog content or case studies. Try to offer product comparisons, resource galleries, or directory of useful information about your industry. Reconsider the common elements of your page. For example, a FAQ page that you can use to answer tough questions related to industry, and not only about your company.

5. Share wisely, build engagement

You dedicate so much time to create meaningful content, and now it is important for you to know how to share it through appropriate social media channels. To build the existence of your brand, set aside time every day to connect with others on a variety of social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Do not over promote the hard sell, but share your best content if you are sure it will provide clear benefits for your followers.

We have tested the above five tips together with our clients as our partners, and it is proven to even go beyond the target of their success. Now, it’s your turn to consistently apply these tactics with your digital team. If you need us to help you, please feel free to contact us at nbd@fortunepr.com.

Image source: http://www.liftdivision.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2013/04/Content-Marketing.jpg

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