26Nov, 2010

Corporate Communications

We at Fortune PR understand that it is challenging to sustain credibility in the midst of the ever-changing market forces. Our Corporate Communications officers help our clients to handle various issues that can affect all types of businesses, as well as improve their relationship with stakeholders and communities. We have a highly experienced team from different backgrounds and expertise to provide insights and advice to our clients from diverse industry. With the right channels and skills, we are certain that we have what it takes to build and strengthen your company’s reputation.

Harmonizing internal and external communications to build stakeholders’ support, and loyalty upon which the corporate reputation is dependent has been the challenge of corporate communications.

Since its establishment, corporate communications has been Fortune PR’s core strength. Furthermore, it has built the required expertise and network in perceiving the above challenge with its trusted reputation and experience.

Fortune PR provides consultancy to make sure that clients talk the same message to all of its stakeholders to transmit coherence, credibility and ethic. Fortune PR helps clients to build and communicate corporate messages, vision, mission, values, actions and practices to corporate stakeholders.

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