26Nov, 2010

Crisis Communications

In a dynamic industry, Fortune PR understands that crisis is inevitable. Crises which are handled well reflect a good internal system that in turn will further strengthen the company’s reputation. Our team provides our clients with support and guidance in issues regarding crisis communication and management.

Fortune PR explores the dynamics of identification, planning and eventually managing issues of crises and their multifaceted consequences to our clients and their stakeholders. We work closely with our clients to handle crisis threats thoroughly and effectively so as to minimise damage and quickly reinstate the company’s credibility and reputation by re-establishing the public trust towards your brand.

We develop crisis management manuals, conduct crisis management workshops, and apply crisis communications strategies to turn crisis into a reputation building opportunities. We assist clients to respond to the most demanding and sensitive business situations, minimizing reputation damage, maintaining the establishing reputation in crisis situations.

Fortune PR has done the legendary crisis communications in Indonesia for the following clients:

  • PT Nestle Dancow Indonesia during the pork fat rumor in 1988.
  • Bank Indonesia during the liquidation process of 13 banks in 1999 Asia economic crisis.
  • PT Tarra Group during the infamous accident causing the death of a girl during the visit of A1 boy band to one of Tarra’s shop in Jakarta in 2001

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