26Nov, 2010

CSR Communications

Corporate Social Responsibilities has become an increasingly relevant PR tool for our clients precisely because it is extremely effective in reaching out to the media and helping to build brand reputation. Our CSR officers provide advice and support to our clients to ensure that they become a more sustainable and socially responsible company. We will provide the necessary guidance and support to our clients in carrying out various initiatives that will provide sustained benefits to the community, yet at the same time, giving our clients the media coverage that they need.

Effective CSR can help to build branding success if it is effectual in helping to form a positive public perception of the brand. Our dedicated team will provide compelling content to the media in order to provide optimum media coverage of our clients’ CSR efforts. This will in turn help to strengthen and build a legitimate, positive viewpoint of our client.  

Continously communicating corporate social initiatives is necessary to ensure stakeholder support for the company and “social license to operate”. Fortune PR helps clients to audit their CSR activities, determine the performance of each CSR activity, design sustainable CSR programs, communicate and evaluate CSR programs in building client’s goodwill index. Fortune PR also assists clients to communicate CSR activities which provide value to the community and wider target audience.

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