26Nov, 2010

Public Affair Communications

Fortune PR understands that having a sound policy is essential for the continuous growth of your company. That is why our Public Affair Communications team has a global network of experienced professionals which can help our clients overcome challenges regarding public affairs. Consisting of a diverse and experienced team, we offer our clients a collective wisdom and insight, as well as coming up with strategies to influence public opinion and policymakers.

Fortune PR engages stakeholders to explain our clients’ policies by providing clear and accurate information, avoiding misperception and to lobby on issues which could impact upon clients’ ability to operate successfully. Our work combines government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility information dissemination and strategic communications advice. We aim to influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find a common ground with stakeholders.

Our public affairs service includes:

  • Government relations
  • Parliamentary relations
  • Stakeholders relations
  • NGO relations

Fortune PR has done the public affair communications for the following clients:

  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia – conducting the consultative meeting with the stakeholders during the introduction of Oil and Gas bill in 2001. 
  • Bank Indonesia – conducting the consultative meeting with the parliament during the introduction of Central Bank bill in 2000-2001

If you need our Public Affair Communications services, you can contact us by going to this page .

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