26Nov, 2010

Social Marketing

Through our Social Marketing work, we have worked with clients to influence behaviours and mindsets toward a better way of life.

  • For BKKBN (Indonesia’s National Family Planning Coordinating Body), Fortune PR has conducted the social marketing campaigns to introduce the use of condoms as part of the National Family Planning program in 1992.
  • With Fortune Indonesia, Fortune PR’s success in social marketing campaigns was acknowledged internationally. “Aku Anak Sekolah” campaign that was conducted during monetary crisis in 1997-1998 was acknowledged as the most successful education campaign by the World Bank.  
  • For KPK (Indonesia’s Corruption Erradication Agency), Fortune PR has developed the grand strategy to erradicate corruption in Indonesia. In anti money laundering campaign, Fortune PR has built better understanding about money laundering and supported initiatives to fight money laundering in Indonesia.

If you need us to support your Social Marketing campaign, you can contact us by visiting this page .

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