29Oct, 2013

Indonesia Consumer Care of Quality, Fortune PR Seriously Develop Client Brand


JAKARTA, 29 October 2013 –Along with rigors competition, companies must pay attention to quality and uniqueness of their product and service. Good quality and ability of a brand to fulfill unique needs of consumer is a key to win the competition around the world. This was revealed by a survey conducted by an analysis company, Verint, on August 2013.

1_Indira_AbidinFrom this survey that involving more than five thousand consumers from six countries in Asia Pacific, including Indonesia, 45% respondent claimed they are willing to spend more to get better quality. “About 54% Indonesian respondent didn’t hesitate to share their positive experiences through social media. This is a big opportunity to create word of mouth in digital world, at once create good value to differentiate our brand to others,” said Managing Director of Fortune PR, Indira Abidin.

Consumer is smarter, Indira added, so companies should be more serious develop their brand to win consumer heart. Indira said, there are so many companies who didn’t realized yet that brand is a core of business and so important for their business progress. “Indonesia still assume that brand is all about logo and advertising. Whereas, brand is about their business, like brand positioning, brand visioning, brand culture, brand transformation, employee communication, including customer experiences,” Indira explained.

Therefore, Fortune PR engaging with Affinity, an independent brand consultancy in Singapore, as a strategic partner to develop client brand and business. “We hope this corporation will help clients to create a success story about their brand through the expertise of Affinity which is recognized and combination of local and international touch with us,” said Indira.

Nick_PegmanNick Pegman as Managing Director of Affinity revealed his optimism about the corporation with Verbrand team from Fortune PR who is focused on branding consultancy to develop client business. Nick said that Indonesia is moving fast and companies here are increasingly getting active both locally and internationally, which makes it critical for brands to clearly project their ambitions and propositions to their audiences. He added that branding is also constantly changing. More and more, it includes the overall business, including employees, investors and the overall customer and brand experience.

“We are delighted to be working with the Verbrand and Fortune PR team. They are a greatly admired regional brand and communication business. It certainly is an exciting time to be involved in branding in Indonesia and we are looking forward to doing meaningful, transformative work,” he said.

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